Make Your Own Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations

We all love weddings! The emotional load, the beautiful bride and the intriguing decorations make us want to wish to take part in them. If you are planning to get married pretty soon, you should consider establishing a certain budget because all of the ornaments, the rent and various others may cause you financial downfall.

Because your natural female nature will not allow you to save a lot of money when dress shopping, decorations are those items that can help you keep your spending within budget limits. If they seem too expensive to buy from web stores or actual shops, you can always use your creative side and make your own wedding decorations. With a little patience and dedication you will end up with unique and beautiful ornaments to dress up your big day.

From the ceremony adornments to the reception accessories, there are tons of decorations you can manually do. The materials you need can be bought from various internet stores. You can even find lots of interesting paper and ribbon on EBay if you take the time to search well.

Flower Arrangements

Let’s start with simple ways to create flower arrangements that can be used for the ceremony and reception as well, for both indoor and outdoor gatherings.

First, you have to pick your favorite blooms in shades contained by the wedding’s color palette. You will need some scissors and some colorful ribbons. These small bouquets should resemble a smaller, more modest bridal bouquet, so give your best when it comes to creating them. Secure the stems tightly with the ribbon and cut them at a modest size.


The longer stem ends should also be cut. You can decorate the chairs, the entrance, appetizer trays and many other items a wedding takes in. For a touch of wow you can add some beading intertwined with the ribbons.

Our next ornament you can hand make is something for the ceiling. If the wedding takes place on the beach the simplest way to embellish the ceiling is by adding some fishermen’ nets accessorized with flowers.

If it takes place in a garden or a more elegant hall/venue, using flowers or paper figurines hanging by thin threads is a better idea. In case of a winter event, paper snowflakes adorned with lots of glitter will create a beautiful environment.

The centerpieces are a must have in any wedding so they should not be forgotten in any way. Here, you can use everything that pops in your mind: flowers, colorful bowls, pretty rocks and even books. Their sole purpose is to dress the tables and make them look more interesting, so try making them as cool and suitable as possible.

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