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Wedding Decoration

Wedding Decoration

Whichever your budget is, you have the full right of having a beautiful wedding that should be remembered for years to come. Elegance and suitability are the main points you got to consider when planning your wedding and next is the managerial spirit you have to possess. Big ideas usually require a great amount of money and work, but if you think everything through from the beginning you will see that the situation is not that bad.

Decorations are the items that make a wedding look like a wedding. Everyone thinks of them as exquisite and expensive ornaments for which you got to pay a lot of cash. In this next article we will talk about a few options for inexpensive wedding decorations that work with a lot of themes and color palettes.

Let’s start with the ceremony, a festive part of the wedding that requires elegant and simple decorations for the altar and the aisle. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money you should buy one or two rolls of tulle and use them for the whole event. Instead of pricy roses you can opt for cheaper ones or other blooms. The colors of the tulle ought to be your full color scheme.

If the ceremony is going to take place somewhere with chair rows tie a long piece of tulle from each back of each chair at the end of the rows. Where you tied it, add a small bouquet secured with a long colored ribbon, another item cheap and effective. You can do the same for a garden altar but with more tulle and braided ropes of ribbons, fabric and flowers, especially in the case of bohemian or casual ceremonies.


You can be more funky than traditional and make your reception decorations an interesting journey for all to take. Leave the walls undercoated because they tend to waste a lot of money and talk to the manager of the venue. Maybe they can offer some free embellishments.

For the ceiling you can use the same tulle to create some sort of arcade or tent. From that structure hand on fine strand flowers or paper made figurines. If it’s going to be a winter wedding, sparkly paper snowflakes are what you ought to acquire. All of the crafty materials we mentioned can be ordered online Shop.

The centerpieces can be easily made from a lot of things, you can even use old colorful plates that you have in the house and are not part of a set. A shabby chic wedding is a simple way of spending almost nothing. Flowers and candles are also an inexpensive must.

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