Floral-Decorated Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

We brought a few of our favorite cake masterpieces created by really talented designers for this year to show to those who are planning a unique wedding reception and need something special to show. As you noticed by now, the modern wedding cake is created to impress, amaze and surprise. This is perhaps one of the most important items that the couple has to plan in order to “wow” their wedding guests. It is, undoubtedly the principal centerpiece or the focal point of attraction of the evening. The wedding attendants are eager and anxious to see the cake, taste it and then perhaps taste it again!

Planning the wedding cake according to a certain theme helps you guys obtain a more impressive and also expressive creation. Therefore, if you want to make a powerful and unique statement at the wedding party by bringing an original outstanding cake, we suggest you take into consideration using a more colorful or unusual theme.

The rainbow themes are very trendy today, as well as the dark whimsical hues. But if you prefer something more romantic and sumptuous, we suggest you adopt floral patterns. And we have a few original floral wedding cake confections to present here. These fabulous creations were designed exclusively for contemporary brides & grooms who are looking for something truly amazing and one-of-a-kind. Planning a floral wedding cake is definitely a flattering idea for both the couple and the guests.


Wedding or a Garden Reception

The first confection is a stylish white cake adorned with pinkish garden roses and a beaded necklace. The silvery sugar swags arranged in a draping style look classy and elegant. This cake features an urban romantic flair that can fit perfectly a pink rode parade-inspired wedding or a garden reception.

The second cake is made of fondant, adorned with hand-tolled gold braids and enamel finishes. This confection is romantic and reminiscent of an antique jewelry box and it looks deliciously glamorous, perfect for high-class celebration! The cake is signed by Wedding Cakes by Kim Payne and it is made of rolled fondant and decorated with sugar-paste butterflies, gold piping, royal-icing strings and sugar-crystal beading.

The next one is a white striped cake made by Mary Ann Moy-Hochstetler. This is a classic beauty. The white roses are inspired by the bride’s dress and they are a motif that symbolizes innocence, purity and refinement. The forget-me-not flowers symbolize true love! The last design is a unique exotic buttercup yellow cake adorned with white peacocks and green cymbidium orchids. All the details including the feathers of the bird are hand-made.

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