Backlinking The Hard Way

Backlinking SEO

Backlinking SEO

Twelve years ago, when I started on of my first websites, there wasn’t a lot of information on backlinking, or search engine optimization. Sure there were plenty of ideas to get other websites to link to yours, but it was a lot of work, and it was done person by person, site by site.

Webpage Promotion

Of course, the natural way to backlink, even back then, was to have interesting and relevant content that other websites could link to–if you had something worth linking to, and others knew about it, chances are that they would backlink to your story, article, or other webpage promotion.

There were other tricks, such as joining web rings, usually relevant related sites that joined together and promoted their “ring” of sites through code you added on the bottom of your website. I always thought this method of backlinking was effective, as it brought visitors to your site who had a shared interest from the website from which they departed.

The other way to backlink back then was to go around from site to site emailing or contacting the website’s owner and asking directly for a link exchange. Again, this was another effective way to align websites that shared common content or topics, as well as attracting the same type of visitor. Traffic again could be consistently directed to and from your site with the relevant visitors.

Backlinking For Search Engine

Of course these ideas were back in the day before search engines dominated the web, and people didn’t yet realize the strength and power of backlinking, that is, beyond being included in major web directories. Backlinking for search engine popularity has certainly been through a lot of changes in the past ten years or more.


Still, backlinking is an important element of search engine results, or SERPs. Having important relevant websites link to your website still has an effective impact on your positioning, relevance, and traffic. And with social networking and bookmarking, Web. 2.0, backlinking has evolved into something stronger. Backlinks are just as important today as they were ten years ago, and the backlinking you do now for your website is still important if you want to reach your target audience in an effective manner.

Backlinking Strategies

Backlinking services, backlinking software, backlinking websites, and backlinking experts will all have their methods of adding value to your website through backlinking campaigns and promotions. It’s up to you how you wish to have your site promoted, how much you want to spend, and how much you really want to be at the top of the search results. Remember that your journey begins with one backlink, and how much further you gain will depend on your backlinking strategies.

But still remember, content is still a key element to your backlinking success; people still blog about other sites, and if you have something worth linking to, your backlinking battle will be half-won!

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