Quora is the best question and answering site that helps build authority and increase website traffic. It helps you drive traffic and also improves the brand for your businesses. Quora is known to every blogger and webmaster as this is a great source of direct/referral traffic. It is the place where you can ask questions and share answers on any topic. They help unite people of similar interests.

1.) Create an account with quora and complete your profile bio.

2.) Don’t forget to add your website link to your profile, so that it will help to get you more clicks. After that, choose your category that you are comfortable with and related to your niche.

3.) Add 10-15 relevant categories and search for the questions that you can provide the answer. Provide the best answer giving a proper solution to the questions, explain with image and other media.

Quora can be a powerful traffic source for your website (or) blog if you use it wisely next to social media. If any quora answer goes viral, it will generate a steady source to your website repeatedly.

Leverage Reddit

It is another powerful social media platform that helps increase website traffic. You can get targeted traffic for your blog posts. Register a free account with Reddit and find your relevant subreddits using the search box. Subscribe to all those subreddits to get more information.

Start posting on subreddits by following their own set of rules and regulations. Also, engage yourself with other people in your community by answering their questions and respond to their comments.In replying to comments and answering questions, try posting your post link if you found it most relevant to the contest. Always try to add value to your engagement and balance with your links.

Advertise Everywhere

PPC, CPC campaigns are the source of driving instant traffic. Paid search, display advertising are all excellent ways of getting targeted audiences. But you need to invest some money to run these campaigns but this can be suitable for E-commerce sites and affiliate marketing sites etc.


You can adjust your budget based on your goals simultaneously proportional to traffic. If you want more conversions, you drive more traffic. You can participate in Google AdWords, (or) find sites that let advertisers promote their links and products.

Guest Blogging

To increase website traffic you need content to be published at regular intervals that interest your audience. Guest Blogging is also similar activity but here you write articles for other blogger’s blogs. This will help build your brand and also increase traffic from other trustable blogs out there.

There are some tips to start guest blogging and rules to follow before starting to write SEO optimized article for your blog. You can also invite other bloggers and influencers to guest blog on your blog. This helps increase your keyword search rank in SERP pages. Also, your blog has the opportunity to provide very high quality, research content that adds more interest to your visitors.

Last Thoughts

As said, every blogger wanted his blog to be visited by many visitors across the world. We all start the blog for making some extra money (or) for passion. But without audiences, who will appreciate our work? how do we get conversions?

Keeping this in mind, I have come up with this article which outlines a proven system that increases website traffic. First I explained the necessary changes in On-page because you should have compelling content to get the traffic.

Second I explained an actionable to-do list to drive traffic using various resources available on the internet. Finally, I hope you have utilized your time effectively. if you have suggestions (or) thoughts to share, let me know via the comment section below.

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