Travel Planning is an Important Task

Travel Planning

Travel Planning

When I spend time booking hotels, I obviously want to make sure I’m going to be able to have access to some sort of fitness facility. Sure, I have a complete workout I can perform in my hotel room, however, I prefer to have access to a variety of machines, free weights, swimming pool. And if I’m lucky sauna, steam room and/or hot tubs.

Clearly travel planning for several weeks of travel takes time, requires good organization and should include the ability to research for the best deals and facilities. When I first started getting into taking better care of myself I did massive research to find fitness hotels that would cover some or all of the desired amenities listed above.

New Destination

At this point, I have a nicely bookmarked folder with pretty much all of the hotels I tend to stay at. When I go to a new destination, I of course look for familiar brands. If I’ve never been to a city before I’ll also seek out new places simply to learn more about what is available in accommodations.

Another decidedly “old school” activity I like to participate in is reading the Sunday newspaper travel section. I’ve found more than my fair share of great bargains by reading the ads, travel stories, and inserts that I find there. I especially like to pick up local papers while I’m on the road in order to see what groovy little tidbits I can clip and tuck away for later use.


Once, a while back now, I actually changed where I was staying after seeing an amazing local deal in the paper. I know they say the newspaper industry is dead, or at least dying, but I think there will continue to be a need for them.

Ultimately, I know that by taking the time in advance to prepare and plan my travel I’m usually getting the best deals. I’m also better able to budget for the month. Most importantly to me personally is when I know I’ll be able to get a good workout in several times a week. Without this, I’m not sure I’d care much for having a job that required me to be away from my home gym as often as I am currently.

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