SEO Strategies

SEO Strategies

Rented links: They are like drugs, you cannot stop paying if you don’t want to risk your rankings. You have to keep paying monthly for the same amount of links. Also Google declared they penalize paid links: they even added a form on Google Webmaster Tools where competitors can complain about sites buying links. The big problem with paid links is that you never know which links are worthless and which ones are helping you. You may very well be paying for a lot of links which are completely useless without knowing it

Link exchange: Works less and less because the links are of very low quality. Google prefers less links but higher quality than a lot of low quality links

Directories: Less and less effective, Goggle recently dropped the PageRank for most of the directories

Social Bookmarking: The new fad, everyone is talking about it but no one knows for sure if it works. We prefer to focus on what is demonstrated to work

Forum Commenting: Links are low quality and from a few different IPs, not very effective

Link Baiting: Will work well only if your product is very viral. So most e-commerce sites should just forget it

Article Directories: Lots of links coming from a few selected IPs, not very effective

Blog Comments: Poor quality links, very often they get removed (Very bad in Google’s eyes)

Why Blog Reviews is Good for SEO:

It’s natural, bloggers talk about your site.

It’s not a trick or the new way to cheat Google: you are building a solid SEO foundation.


The cost is very low compared to renting links (The only alternative for quality links).

The result is certain (Vs. link baiting).

Why choose us instead of ReviewMe, PayPerPost and Sponsoredreviews?

They have a Limited Inventory of Blogs:

Most of these blogs are active sellers of reviews (whereas most of the blogs we contact it’s their first paid review).

Since the inventory is small it’s hard to find related blogs.

Quality blogs can cost up to several hundred dollars.

The blogs have to disclose that the review is sponsored (so Google could tell it’s a paid review but is also problematic if you are a SEO firm and want to white label reviews for your customers).

The blogs usually advertise ReviewMe, PayPerPost or Sponsoredreviews on their home page (so Google could tell it’s a paid review but is also problematic if you are a SEO firm and want to white label reviews for your customers).

The process is tedious, you have to find the blogs, pay, wait until they decide to accept your review (and very often they don’t) and then check if it’s done properly.

We are not a marketplace where bloggers and advertisers met, we are a real SEO agency and we do all the work for you.

We do all the work for you.

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