See the Jungle in Comfort and Safety

Jungle in Comfort and Safety

Jungle in Comfort and Safety

For many of us, there is a natural curiosity about nature and the animals that we have only seen in books, on television, or online. But there is a chance to see those animals up close and personal in a way that you never thought possible before.

With overnight tours in Phuket, you can see the beautiful and majestic elephants that have been rescued and now live in their Phuket sanctuary. Even better, you can do so at your own pace while experiencing all that the city has to offer.

Elephant Sanctuary

Being able to see the elephants is one thing but you get to interact with them on a level never before thought of. Walk with them through the jungle and see how they spend their days roaming through their wildlife habitat.

Even better, you can participate in feeding these rescues and even play in the mud or swim with them. It really is the one-of-a-kind experience that makes for lifelong memories. You will always look back fondly on your time with elephants in Phuket.

Excellent Living Amenities

While seeing these beautiful creatures in person is certainly enough for just about anyone, that is not all th at is included in these overnight tours. Guests also are treated to a delicious, authentic Thai buffet during their stay.


Even better, they get a comfortable night of rest sleeping at the one-of-a-kind lakeside living space. It is all that you could ever hope camping could be, only there are elephants on the grounds instead of bears. It really makes for quite the experience and one that you will want to partake in again and again.

Immerse Yourself

While a trip to the zoo allows you to see some of nature’s wonders, these Phuket tours allow you to live them. After you have eaten a delicious meal and traveled to the sanctuary, you can help to feed the elephants and administer their dietary supplements as well as play with them in their natural setting.

Having a mud spa and then rinsing off with a cool swim is something that you will not soon forget and will make the entire trip worth just that experience alone. There is nothing quite the same as swimming and playing with these gentle giants.

See these mammoth beasts and interact with them in ways that you never conceived possible. It will give you a new appreciation for nature and all it has to offer.

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