Money-Making Needs A Great Strategy



There is no method or money in madness, not when it comes to blogs and generating money from the. Slapstick stuff that is just put together never really works. What you need before you even start is a plan. Look at it like a game plan in a major event. You don’t just go out there and play, do you? Oh no, you practice, you perfect and most of all, you have a strategy.

Now your strategy has to be thorough enough for you to be able to visualize your target as well as fluid enough to make the necessary adjustments in case of any changes in the scenario. What you need to start off with is a goal and this has to be quantified in numbers. You could say that you want your blog to pull in $1000 a month within one year of starting your blog.

Now that you have a specific target, you need to see how you’ll get there. Look at the various means at your disposal. You can bring it in through commissions by being an affiliate or through advertising (i.e. Google Adsense), through donations or through sales of products. Look at all these options and decide which or a combination of which of them will get you to your target.

Once you’re up and going and start pulling in the money, do take a look at your plan so you stay focused and don’t get distracted running after some other plan. A focused objective, knowledge of all the means to get you there and hard work will be the making of your blog. Once it starts generating money, you don’t need to pay as much attention to it as you did. You just need to keep an eye on it and manage it as it were.


You must make sure that everything is consistent with your strategy. This is the only way your blog will maintain its brand equity. So take that into account from the moment you start thinking about the domain name to the actual web-design of the blog.

Even the typeface can strengthen an idea if it is chosen with care. What is also very important is color. If you aren’t sure, ask around and do a quick study among your friends and family to see if the colors you have chosen are consistent with the topic or not.

Finally, do a lot of research and try and determine how others who blog are successful. This will help you chop, change or tweak what is in your blog. This does not mean plagiarizing anything – that isn’t going to do your blog any good – it means trying to see what they are doing right and how they make their strategy work for them.

Don’t forget the fact that it is the visitors to your site that make you the money so you need to get in as many people to visit your site as possible, There really is no short cut to content so make sure the content that you are putting up is interesting and will have people coming back for more, and more!

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