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We are now living in an age where marketing teams focus their efforts primarily on the internet as a way to promote their local SEO. The majority of today own and operate their own website. Often someone at will be assigned to keep it up-to-date with the latest sermons, news bulletins, photos and announcements. However, it is equally if not more important to reach a new audience as it is to keep fresh content on the site. One crucial tool for expanding your audience is for the online marketing team to be aware of the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

SEO is simply a means to ensure that when a search engine indexes your site, it is done so appropriately to best represent the content on your website. This is done by crawling the site and looking at things like page titles, URL text, page descriptions, keywords, and various other tags.

Search engines use this data, along with many other considerations, to determine how your site will be displayed to visitors on their results page and how it will rank amongst other sites for a given search query.

It is important for the marketing team to explicitly define these parameters. If they are left to chance, the search engine might assign incorrect data. For example, if you have a page about the history of and the first text on the page is “Welcome to our marketing”, then a search engine crawling the page might display “Welcome to our Online marketing” as the description for the entire page. This would confuse the potential visitor viewing your listing, and could cause them not to be delivered the content they were looking for.

Every SEO marketing team needs to be aware of how the pages of their site are being displayed in search engines. The easiest way to find out is to do a search for the URL of your website and see how all of the pages are indexed. If any of the pages appear to have inappropriate titles or descriptions, then they will need to be explicitly defined in the code for the site.


The next consideration to make for marketing SEO efforts is the placement of your site compared to other similar sites. In order to rank a site, search engine companies use a highly proprietary algorithm that gets changed frequently to better serve its users. Many businesses attempt to decipher the algorithm to optimize a site to perform better in the search results.

However, as search engines have become more advanced they are able to detect these manipulations and demote or even remove sites from search results for attempting to use techniques to manipulate the results.

The best way for an online marketing team to optimize a site to rank highly in the search engines long term is to create pages that truly serve the users’ interests for a particular search query. For example, if your SEO marketing team wants to rank highly for the search term “children’s Bible stories”, then you would need to genuinely have one of the most comprehensive children’s Bible stories sites on the internet. Put yourself in the shoes of the user and search for the term you want to rank for. Then ask yourself how you can make your page more helpful to the user than the ones that currently rank.

Once you follow these procedures and create a quality page with all the parameters explicitly defined, the only thing standing between you and a solid ranking is time. Ranking sites for keywords is not an overnight process. Sometimes even after your marketing team has put in the effort to build an exemplary site that is helpful to visitors it can take months to see a change in ranking. If you create quality pages with well-defined parameters, eventually you will reap the fruits of your labor by seeing increased traffic to your website.

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