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search engines

Just having a website as you know, is not enough to be found by your potential customers, you need help from the search engines. The search engines want to see your website gain links, which are votes in the eyes of the search robots that your site needs to be seen. Not all links are equal, and some links are necessary in order to start building your online credibility.

The very first area I would concentrate on for local businesses is local citations. Local citations can come from directories like the Yellow Pages, BBB, and review sites like Yelp. You also, need to work on claiming all your listings or creating them in the major search engines local maps areas.

This can be a little time consuming, but once it’s done, it’s done. These are the foundation of your back links, and it establishes your business in the eyes of the search engines, as a real business. Your address, phone number, and business name will begin to match up will all these listings, and make you more credible to in the eyes of the search engine.

Once you have completed the foundation, you can start to build your online framework with other credible back links like social networking sites, your niche forums, and writing and publishing articles about your niche.

Just these 2 recommended steps alone, will help your website move up further in rankings. If you find that after all this work, you still cannot get to the first page, and then this is where a SEO professional can help you. The great thing about doing all these steps is you made a great starting point for your hired professional, and your proposal should reflect that in savings to you, thanks to your early work on building your internet credibility.


The Future of Quality Relevant Search

Quality search is here, and is just getting off the ground floor during lift off. Is mostly unknown, and maybe even shrugged off by internet professionals, but if you really look at what they are trying to do, I think you will join forces.

Google didn’t build their dominance in a day; it was through word of mouth and marketing. But, if you are an internet marketer or in the industry of search, you know it’s almost getting ridiculous with how easy it is to game Google’s search results.

If you think long and hard, and come to terms with what is happening, you will agree it is not good, quality, relevant search. I believe Blekko is coming to the search engine game, at a perfect time, with their open stance against.

If you really look at what they are offering, you will agree that their utopia style of search, is what the world needs right now. So, you don’t have to stop using Google for search or for your business, but you can start using Blekko as a vote and a protest against spam search results.

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