Cancelling Flights Can Be a Good Thing

Cancelling Flights

Cancelling Flights

Just found out that the meetings I had scheduled with one company for Monday and Tuesday have all been cancelled. Not completely sure I understand why, but hoping it’s nothing to do with me personally. Since all 4 of my get together’s were with the same company over those 2 days, I’ll expect they are dealing with some internal situation.

But the great thing is that I get another couple of days at home with my wife and kids. Even after having spent the better part of every day with them over the past week plus a couple of days, I’m still happy to get more.

Travel Schedule

It’s a rare occasion that I get school bus duty. Sure I’ll head out during my time off of the travel schedule and wait for the kids to get picked up by their various school buses. But the kids are old enough to know that after the first week of the month, I’m usually long gone and they only get to see me via Skype or hear my voice on Mom’s cell phone.

So, with happy energy I look forward to standing by the road side with the little ones while they wait to get back to their exciting world of educational activities.


I love that time. Even though it’s brief, 15 to 20 minutes, sometimes less if we are running late at home. There’s a quiet that lays down over the neighborhood that early in the morning. And it invites us to casually chat with each other in truly earnest ways. The children seem brighter and more open, almost eager to just communicate.

Assuming they do the same with their mother during the times I’m out on the road, I have yet another reason to envy her maternal duties in the raising of our offspring.

At the same time I make sure I jump in on that turf when little scheduling inconsistencies pop up in the business life. I’ll be heading back out on Tuesday afternoon. But that means 2 more times to wait by the roadside and get to know my little ones just a bit better.

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