Budapest Restaurants

Budapest Restaurants

Budapest Restaurants

Worldwide, there are plenty of different styles of cooking and many different dishes to suit the tastes of those in the local area.  If you lived in holiday apartments in London, you may find yourself going to the local ‘pub’ for a “Sunday Roast” or those living in serviced apartments Paris may venture to a ‘patisserie’ to sample ‘pain au chocolate’.  Hungarian cuisine isn’t a form of cooking that is as well known around the world, but the Hungarian way of cooking, using the most seasonal meats, vegetables and fruits along with the most traditional cooking methods is a technique that has been passed on through the ages. 

If you are staying in Budapest and want to visit a restaurant, then you can choose top online casino from visiting an authentic Hungarian restaurant or if that isn’t your thing, then perhaps you may enjoy some other style of restaurant.  It is probable that through the streets of Budapest you will find the kind of meal that you are looking for.

For a great authentic Hungarian restaurant in Budapest, you should look no further than 50Bar.  This is a great bar that and restaurant that specializes in Hungarian food.  Many locals will recommend this restaurant to you and you will find that the restaurant staff is both friendly and helpful.  The restaurant itself is located close to other places that you may like to visit in Budapest, such as the spa and caves.  The food is reasonably priced, and no matter what the location you will enjoy your experience at this restaurant set in a beautiful and romantic location.


If you are feeling a little homesick, then you may be relieved to know that there is a TGI Fridays in Budapest.  It is both family and child friendly, and you will find all the usual American cuisine that you are probably used to.  It is great for a quick lunch or a filling evening meal and you will find that the staff is always more than happy to server you at uk slots online.

For a more Asian style of restaurant, there is a slightly more limited choice.  The Baraka restaurant is often a popular choice as it has excellent presentation and quality of food, with many people proclaiming that it deserves to win more awards.  It serves a variety of types of Asian food and you will have plenty of choice when you look at the menu.  A cheap Asian style restaurant is the Goa Cafe.  It is the perfect place for all kinds of meals and you can relax in the entertaining and warm atmosphere of this popular restaurant. 

For a variety of different styles of cooking, you could visit the most restaurants.  This is a restaurant that offers different kinds of cooking for different tastes, so if you are with a group of people with differing preferences when it comes to cooking styles, then this is the place to choose.

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